How It Works

Let’s Have A Chat

We need to know exactly what you are looking for, right? Well, this is where we begin our journey. Whether we meet in person, via zoom, or on the phone, we will go in depth with the hiring manager for each role to outline the ideal candidate profile. We have extensive experience in asking questions that are comprehensive and meticulously selected to glean very thorough responses.

Sourcing & Screening

We pride ourselves on staying current with the latest recruiting tools so we can source the right candidates quickly. But as much as we value technology, you will always need the breadth of experience and personal connections to weed out the riff-raff…you need humans.

Reekruter provides personalized and idiosyncratic campaigns through various channels that reach out to candidates on a regular basis within our extensive network. Our unique mix of multiple channels enables us to engage with candidates that exactly match your requirements. Through a series of 1-on-1 interactions we qualify or disqualify each candidate in order to meet your specifications.

Presenting The Candidate

We do not have time to waste and neither do you. The prime candidates for the position are thoroughly screened before we present them to you so that you only see the cream of the crop.

We don’t just send resumes to you and expect you to know why we selected someone. Each candidate is submitted with a comprehensive summary on their background, compensation requirements, and any other details that you need to know before deciding to speak with them.

From Beginning to End

We stay with you through the process, as your partner, the way you want it done. Reekruter is there to schedule candidate interviews, speak to and document references, present offers and help with any needed negotiation. This is a partnership…as it should be.